7 March 2018
from 18.00 to 22.00
Coudenberg Palace l BELvue

Korrina Hegarty
Environment Policy Director

Bye, bye CECED, welcome APPLiA!

CECED 60 Anniversary

Leading an association with 60 years of history for me is an honour and a tremendous challenge. Representing an innovative, sustainable and forward-looking industry while keeping in mind that coffee machines, fridges, washing machines, air conditioners and all other home appliances serve Europeans daily, has been a key driver for our work. Citizens have witnessed great technological evolution, and this is also why I would agree with the South Korean economist, Ha-Joon Chang who said that the washing machine has been a more important invention than the Internet. Undoubtedly, the association would not be what it is today if we were not sitting on the shoulder of giants. The fine mix between the knowledge of our members and a competent, motivated team has proved to be a working formula for success.

Come and celebrate with us this more than a special day. It is an excellent opportunity to witness the tipping point where the past will meet the future. This is only the beginning.

Paolo Falcioni
Director General

CECED has successfully facilitated the dialogue between regulators, society and industry. The association has enabled our company and the whole home appliance sector to find winning consumer solutions and to contribute to the growth of our industry. Building on 60 years of history, we are committed to continue to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of European citizens with innovative products and services promoting sustainable lifestyles for consumers.

Esther Berrozpe Galindo
President, Whirlpool EMEA
Executive Vice President, Whirlpool Corporation

LG Electronics joined CECED in 2011 therefore, we are a relatively new member. However, we are happy to celebrate the 60th anniversary of CECED together with all members, both old and new. LG Electronics is proud of being part of CECED, which represents the innovative spirit and responsible business ethics of the European household appliance industry. We wish all the best for the next successful 60 years to the CECED secretariat and other respected fellow members!

Brian Na
President & CEO, LG Electronics Europe

Our Association is a unique platform to consolidate and promote the home appliance industry’s vision on societal, environmental and economic issues that impact the lives of EU citizens. Last but not least, it offers a great link with the policymaking community. I value a lot the work we have achieved together, and I am honoured to serve as CECED President since 2014.

Dr Reinhard Zinkann
APPLiA President, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, Miele & Cie KG

CECED’s 60 years of experience, its cadre of experts and strong leadership provide a valuable platform to identify challenges, seek solutions and foster collaboration with policy makers and other stakeholders. Arçelik is proud to be a member of this organisation that works tirelessly to advance people’s lives through knowledge and innovation. With sustainability and digitisation guiding our efforts, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with CECED towards our shared goals of better and smarter regulation, growth, jobs and prosperity for Europe.

Hakan Bulgurlu
Chief Executive Officer, Arçelik A.Ş

CECED’s contribution to the development of our industry in Europe is essential. We consider it is, in a way, beneficial to consumers, to the environment, and paving the way for upholding the possibilities of value creation in Europe, including in our European industrial operations.

Cyril Buxtorf
Executive Vice President of EMEA Continental Division, Groupe SEB

Having been a member for many years, we value the discussion within the organisation with our partners in the domestic appliances industry. CECED performs important work in society, whether from a social perspective or in terms of energy efficiency labelling. Together in the organisation we are able to represent and advance key interests on behalf of people.

Helmuth Bauer
Managing Director Product Development, Liebherr Group

Coudenberg Palace l BELvue
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Coudenberg Palace l BELvue
Coudenberg Palace 2 BELvue
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Candice Richaud
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